An Overview of DMT as a Guild

While few guilds can be described within the space of a single page, the following is a basic outline of what we are like as a guild: our history, our status within the Gorefiend community, and the things that set us apart from the other guilds of our faction.


Our History

Created in December '04, Deadmoon represents one of an increasingly small list of guilds created at or close to Gorefiend's beginning. Since then, we have grown from a small and casual group into a long-standing raiding guild of Gorefiend-Horde, and we have done so via exclusively organic growth. While we have absorbed a number of smaller guilds along the way, we have never undergone a major merger or transition of leadership since our creation. Furthermore, while we have some sets of members who are friends from before this guild, by and large we are composed of people recruited over time on Gorefiend, as opposed to many guilds whose membership is founded around a single, large-scale out of game group of friends.

DMT Recruitment

For much of our history, Deadmoon has avoided recruiting publicly on realm forums or in general chat.  While the changes in raid focus have required us to change that as a policy, we still emphasize low-volume, targeted recruitment.  It's highly important for us to maintain a low-turnover environment, keeping in mind that we might not be the best fit for every talented raider out there.  This approach comes with some downsides, such as not always being able to pull in good folks for specific raid spots, but we continue to focus on finding good long-term fits for our group.

Our Focus

Having made the transition to raiding guild more than five years ago, our strongest focus is on PvE progression and efficiency; that being said, we don't raid as often as the more hardcore guilds, and strive for balance between an excess of raid obligations and progress. Specifically, we currently hold 25-slot raids 2 times per week (though we aim to return to 3, when we can support it). We look to keep this schedule to avoid the "raid creep" of having all our off-time dominated by successive raid-level attempts.

This does mean that we will always move at a slower pace than those guilds whose members are prepared to raid every day with very few breaks. However, another part of what we do is aim to make the most of the time that we do have while raiding. We are well-prepared to take the wipes while learning new material, but on average we have displayed efficient progress in terms of the amount of time spent learning each fight, relative to other guilds.

Given that we do have a large number of highly talented players, we do have those whose focus dwells more on the PvP aspect of our server. We do our best to support them where possible, but we rarely organize official PvP events - what we do have is carried out much more by those who are interested than an official setup that some guilds will have.

Our Temperament

In terms of age-range, the average for our guild rests squarely in the mid-20's, meaning that our average is slightly higher than many of the guilds on Gorefiend-Horde. We do seek out more mature players than the average available, but also have the benefit of not being overly uptight. In short, we have a general tone that is mature but capable of being laid back.

While individual members will fall at varying places along this spectrum, our overall consistency has lead to a level of social cohesion rarely matched by our peers.  We are capable of outlasting periods of difficulty better than most raiding guilds because of this, an attribute which has allowed us to exist as a single body for so long.


Overall, our members enjoy a strong reputation on our server, a vibrant social community, and efficient - if steady - progress through our end-game objectives. While our guild is certainly not ideal for everyone, we feel very strongly that we are unique among the end-game guilds of our faction, being doubly proud of accomplishments achieved alongside guildmates that we respect.

- Tazzomax, GM Deadmoon Tribe