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January 9, 2011
DMT.com 2.0 (submitted by Tazzomax[DMT] at 06:04pm EST)

DMT's DKP standings have been ported over in full to the new site.

- Tazz
May 23, 2007
Raid Adjustments (submitted by Tazzomax[DMT] at 10:46pm EDT)

We've adjusted a few raid DKP values from the past weeks to make them consistent.

Full Gruul will now be worth 45 DKP (reduced in the future, as it gets easier).

- Tazz
October 1, 2005
EQ DKP Upgrade & Crash (submitted by Tazzomax[DMT] at 05:03pm EDT)

As detailed on the DMT main news site, we've now switched over to EQ DKP 1.3.0. Unfortunately, during the upgrade I accidentally overwrote the database containing all of our raid history and item information. I managed to back up the official numbers before making the upgrade, so I've manually re-entered everyone's DKP, and they should be listed correctly. Unfortunately, the raid attendance information is permanently lost (though we do keep records of all the screenshots from our first 9 raids).

These listings are current for after MC #10, just before MC #11.

Sorry for the confusion. After fixing the new version up, I figured out how to back up and restore the database properly - I'll make sure this doesn't happen again.

- Tazzo

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